Fast, Reliable and Affordable



Our team is dedicated to handle any delivery service request a professional support and timely manner. Our basic resources are the human asset that we have and will continue investing on the team a lot in order to output quality service delivery. Our uniquely architecture head office facility reflects the value of quality oriented service provision we are determined at.

As a service industry player, we have valued quality of output on consistent and reliable ingredient to the targeted brand building. Our brand orientation and planned Ahununu Service target of growth are co-jointly reflected in our head quarter office facility.

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Fast, Reliable and Affordable

Best at what we do!


When we say fast, its because we deliver your parcel and mail truly and extraordinarily fast. We do coordinate deliveries fast not because we make you pay for urgency but it’s solely because that’s how we work. Making things happen the soonest possible way is our organizational culture and we live it.


Our service guarantees you 100% reliability. When you drop in your parcel at our collection center, we receive it with maximum protection and it will reach at the destination place in the same manner.  Our employees and stringently selected agents are the true definition of reliability to our business. We feel comfortable


We charge a fair price for every delivery.  Our prices are moderately appropriate and affordable when we compare it with the industry average. We have the lowest possible rates that are considerably fine twined below the industry average.

Upcountry/Countryside Courier Service

Ready to deliver your mail to/from any part of Ethiopia.


  • 22 mazoria, Golagul Tower,5th floor,Office no 511,Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • info@ahununu.net

  • +2519 56 56 56 56 +25111 6 90 11 11

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